call home from abroad

Call home from abroad

To make calls from a landline or from a mobile phone to or abroad, can go into the money quickly correct.

You want to make international calls with your mobile phone from home or want to make call home from abroad in cheap rates? Or are you even abroad and want to use a mobile phone there? What it generate cost and you can save money as the mobile phone abroad.

Prices for calls outside country, although cheaper – a bargain but can be no question. The association gives call home from abroad tips on how to save even more.

Call home from abroad

Following are the ways through them you can make cheap call home from abroad, also can make international calls in cheap rates.


In most mobile providers roaming rates are quite clear. Are usual uniform tariff models for all groups of countries. The customer must therefore not be set at each border crossing to other minute prices themselves.

However, many providers cooperate with foreign partner networks for call home from abroad in which the rates are comparatively low. In this case, it pays to disable the automatic network selection in the phone and to determine the partner network by manual setting.

  • Is generally regarded within the EU limit of 55 cents for outgoing calls and 26 cents for incoming calls including VAT.

Special travel deals

For customers who travel abroad and want to make call home from abroad, for them some operators have set up special rates. They are partly associated with an additional monthly fee, but provide for particularly low per-minute rates.

  • It’s worth it, if you call home regularly or at business must remain accessible.

Wireless phones

In 220 countries, there are wireless phone networks based on the European GSM standard. Which is widespread in dual band phones therefore also work in Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

  • There are restrictions in Japan, South Korea, North and South America as well as on some Caribbean islands.

It is best to ask the hotline whether the own cell phone has logged into the network at your destination. If not: Some vendors rent phones appropriate for vacation or business trip.

Store contacts in international formats

In the mobile phone address book phone numbers are best stored in international format. The “+” replaces the familiar from the fixed network 00 for international calls.

It may also be entered by holding down the ‘0’ for all mobile phones. This is followed by the country code. UK ports start e.g with +46. Then the area code without 0 and the phone number to be entered.


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